When it comes to graphic design, you definitely have a ton of options. Why choose FireLillie Design over all the others?


FireLillie Design vs a large corporation


  • Unlike large corporations, when you deal with me there is no middle man. I’ll be with you every step of the way.
  • It’s also more cost-effective because you’re paying one person (me) with less overhead.
  • I’m an entrepreneur, just like you. I know the challenges you face as a business owner because I’ve faced those challenges myself.
  • I also offer flexible payment options, working with you to make every dollar count.



FireLillie Design vs other logo building sites


  • I will research your industry, including your competitors in order to provide the best possible solutions for your company.
  • Because you deal with me directly, I am able to offer unique, creative solutions that are tailored to your overall vision.
  • I am passionate about the science behind design and have studied the psychology of color, as well as typography and the impact of fonts on your message.
  • I work hard to stay in touch with the changes in the industry, including the very latest technology as well as how graphic design is evolving. I also value self-education with regard to both current and future design trends.



I look forward to helping you not only cultivate but grow your brand!
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