Brand Identity Package

(Options: Single-sided or Double-sided)


  • Vectorized Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Stationary
  • Creative Brief
  • Vectorized Logo – Any format required
  • Business Cards – 500 Standard*
  • Stationary – Letterhead, Invoice & envelopes.
  • Creative Brief – Specs on brand & how to use it

Logo Package

(Options: Single-sided or Double-sided)


  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Vectorized Logo – Any formats you may require
  • Business Cards – 500 Standard*


Postcard Package

(Options: Single-sided or Double-sided)

  • Postcards – 250 Standard Sized*

Wedding Invitation Packages

I offer three wedding invitation packages:

  • Just a Little Bit:
    • Wedding Invitations
    • Inserts (maps, reply cards, gift registry etc.)
  • Middle of the Road:
    • Wedding Invitation,
    • Inserts (maps, reply cards, gift registry etc.),
    • Save the Date
    • Thank You cards.
  • Go BIG or Go Home:
    • Wedding Invitations,
    • Inserts,
    • Thank You Cards,
    • Ceremony & Reception¬†Itineraries
    • Favour Cards
    • Dinner Menu.



POP & other Advertising Materials

Brochures, Posters, Postcards, Calendars, Signs, Banners, Lawn Signs, Billboards, News Paper & magazine ads.

Basic Websites

I aide you in purchasing your domain & hosting package and set up a website using either WordPress or Then provide site maintenance for a monthly fee.

Web-Ready Graphics

The right format & size ready for the web.


I look forward to helping you not only cultivate but grow your brand!

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